General Data Protection Regulation25-May-2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law across the EU today.

Taking its lead from the English Bridge Union, Suffolk and its affiliated clubs are approaching GDPR from the legal standpoint of Legitimate Interest. Essentially that means the organisations hold the data they do for the benefit of their members in way those members expect. The EBU, counties and clubs have each completed a Legitimate Interest assessment, identifying the risks and benefits of keeping member data.

This means that members will not receive nagging emails asking for consent to keep records and retain contact.

Although Legitimate interest covers us to run and score bridge events for our members we have responsibilities outside that brief as well as to the non-members involved with us. Accordingly we have:

  • Sought consent from non-members for whom we have records and to whom we send emails.
  • Ensured we have permission from club secretaries to list their details on our website.


  • You can read our Privacy Notice [PDF].
  • At any time you can opt-out of emails from Suffolk by unsubscribing.
  • You can find out more about how GDPR and the EBU on their dedicated webpage.

Suffolk AGM18-May-2018

AGM Business

There were no changes in committee personnel and, other than standing item on P2P levy, no proposals.

The Chairman Jeff Orton began by welcoming Hadleigh Bridge Club to Suffolk. Jeff recognised several members who had been successful outside the county and touched upon the county teams' performances in EBU competitions. He summarised results of county competitions and the vitality of the Felixstowe Congress. The East Anglian Bridge Weekend, not held in 2018, has had to seek a new venue after redesign of the University Of Suffolk lecture theatre, and in 2019 will be held in Elmswell.

The county and its clubs have been very active in financially supporting the English Junior Teams after their qualification for the World Championship in Beijing. Jeff drew special attention to Stansfield BC's initiative in raising funds by the 'Dr Double', limited edition print. So far that has raised £1200 and all told, from clubs and county, the total stands at £2300.

The Competitions Secretary Chris Rickard thanked the contacts in clubs who had made a success of the partnership between county and clubs in hosting events. Chris also highlighted increased attendance across almost all events and a continuing improvement overall. Also of note have been the success of the Really Easy Events held alongside congresses and the Club Teams-of-Four, the inaugural Really Easy Teams.

Though there were no changes in the makeup of committee per se, Malcolm Carey, after more than 30 years as Chief Tournament Director stood down. The chairman thanked him warmly for his commitment and guidance over such an extended period. Paul Rickard is Chief TD designate, to be ratified by the new committee.

The Treasurer Roger Tattersfield reported that financially 2017-18 was a stable year for the SCBA; the operating basis providing a profit of £1750. The purchase of another dealing machine … to provide boards for clubs … required access to reserves, the amount representing less than the cumulative profit of last year and this.

Full texts of all three reports can be found in the AGM minutes from the link below.

The meeting ratified without dissent the county P2P rate and club subscription for 2018-19 (unchanged at 7p and nil respectively.

Prize Winners

2017 Trophy Winners

The AGM was completed by the presentation of trophies.

AGM Minutes

You can download a copy [PDF].

Winter League 2017-201817-May-2018

The Winter League is Suffolk's premier arrange-and-play teams event. There are two strata comprised of three divisions, a single top division and separate North and South divisions. Those two have a playoff stage for promotion to the top division as well as the silverware. The League is now complete and Secretary Rick Hanley writes:

The Premier Division title was retained by Hanley (Rick Hanley, Chris Chambers, Peter Gemmell, Peter Sutcliffe) with a points total (118/120) that even Man City might look upon with envy. Runners up were Sherer (Michael Sherer, Eric Newman, Karen and Malcolm Pryor) who were undefeated until the final match of the season.

The Second Division Champions are Hollingsworth (John Bloomfield, Richard Evans, Brian Field, Chris Hollingsworth, Celia Jeal, Susan Nisbett) who bounced back admirably from their close miss in 2016/7. They are promoted to the Premier Division for 2018/9 along with Riley (Simon Riley, Jaroslaw Grochowski, John Pearson, Bogdan Talaga, Dave Walker, Diane Whitley, Anne Wilmer).

See the final tables.

The Winter League is competitive but friendly bridge with matches played in players' homes on dates agreed between captains. To register interest for next year (October), drop a line to league Secretary .

AGM Pairs13-May-2018

Another efficient AGM (main buisness completed by 3:30pm) and the new season was promptly under way. Chairman Jeff Orton and County Captain Rick Hanley topped the rankings, which unusually saw the committee well represented in the higher places.

1.Jeff Orton & Rick Hanley62.73%
2.David Walker & Sue Smith60.91%
3=Malcolm Carey & Barbara Carey59.38%
3=Richard Evans & Andre Gray59.38%

See the full results.

Suffolk Annual General Meeting23-Apr-2018

The 2018 SCBA AGM will be held on Sunday 13th May 2018 at Nayland Village Hall, Nayland, CO6 4JH starting at 3:00pm. The meeting is followed by prize giving and the AGM Pairs.


  1. Adoption of Minutes of last year's AGM
  2. Matters arising
  3. Chairman's report
  4. Competition Secretary's report
  5. Treasurer's report
  6. Adoption of accounts
  7. Election of Officers & Executive Committee members
  8. Appointment of Examiner
  9. Election of EBU shareholder(s)
  10. Ratification of 7p County P2P rate for 2018-19 (unchanged from 2017-2018) and nil Club subscription rate for 2018-19 (unchanged from 2017-2018)
  11. AOB

You can download a printable copy of the agenda [PDF] (including nominations for officers and committee) and the minutes of the 2017 meeting [PDF].

AGM Pairs

The AGM Pairs launches the 2018-19 county season and is a one-session event with a break for tea. It begins as soon as the AGM and prize-giving is complete.

This year the bridge and tea is free to those attending the AGM but participants must enter as below.

If you are intending to play, please enter via the Suffolk Competition Secretary, (01206 331599). You can also download an entry form [PDF] for further information and details for entering by post.

Suffolk v Bedfordshire22-Apr-2018

Suffolk again began the 2018-19 Eastern Counties League season against Bedfordshire. This year Suffolk got off to a fine (unprecented?) start by defeating the visitors in all three matches: the 'A' Team won 12-8 VPs (+14 IMPs), the 'B' team 11-9 (+10) and the 'C' team, 19-1 (+90).

See the board-by-board results.

Garden Cities Regional Final21-Apr-2018

Having won the County Club Teams-of-Eight, Ipswich & Kesgrave represented Suffolk in the Garden Cities. Anne Edwards, Philip Edwards, Cathy Rowland, Din Gudka, Wendy Lefort, Paul lefort, Peter Gemmell and Chris Chambers represented their club and county, settled mid-table, fifth of nine.

Cambs & Hunts12x310814201720104

The first two teams qualify for the national final; see the full results and the EBU Garden Cities page.

Suffolk Pairs Final8-Apr-2018

Eric Newman and Mike Sherer won the 2017-18 Suffolk Pairs Championship by the convincing margin of over two boards.

Field in play

Winners Mike Sherer (left) and Eric Newman with trophy

1.Eric Newman & Mike Sherer64.89%
2.Steve Berg & David Green59.66%
3.Malcolm Pryor & Karen Pryor57.84%
4.John Bloomfield & Richard Evans55.34%
5.Nick Farr & Sarah Farr54.89%
6.Din Gudka & Cathy Rowland53.98%

See the full listing.

National Pairs Qualifiers18-Mar-2018

Congratulations to Cathy Rowland and Din Gudka who were placed (and took home a prize) at the Eastern Region heat of the national pairs, they qualify for the national final in Coventry. Also there will be Malcolm and Karen Pryor who, after what must have been an uncertain wait for the national listing, also gained a qualifying spot.

Suffolk v Cambridge University11-Mar-2018

Suffolk defeated the University team 17-3 (+59 IMPs) – almost a rerun of last year's result.

See the board-by-board results.

Also the 2017-18 Eastern Counties League.

English Senior Teams Trial Playoff5-Mar-2018

Suffolk's Malcolm Pryor was part of the Shelley (Peter Shelley, Malcolm Pryor, David Muller, Alan Mayo, Rob Cliffe & Trevor Ward) who, having fought through the Senior Trials, beat the fancied Hackett sextet in the playoff.

Malcolm will now represent England at the European Senior Championships in Ostend, Belgium, 6-16 June 2018.

More details and links to results on the EBU Website.

Teams Events4-Mar-2018

Sunday dawned with the forecast thaw and both events were well supported.

Club Teams-of-Four

Colchester took the Thornway Cup:

1.Colchester (Hanley)219 VPs
Andre Gray & Rick Hanley, Jeff Orton & Mike Sherer
2=Ipswich & Kesgrave (Edwards)210
Phillip Edwards & Anne Edwards, Dinesh Gudka & Cathy Rowland
2=Bury St. Edmunds (O'Reilly)210
Michael O'Reilly & Doc Lacey, Helen Mason & Norman Less

See full results and matchpoint awards.

Really Easy Teams

The first teams event in the Really Easy series saw a close finish:

1.Peter Green & Nicki Green, Fred Mason & Martin Prince113 VPs
2.Chris Park & Christine Mapus-Smith, Sue Daglish & Clarissa Machin112
3.Sally Beckett & Salome Smit, Jo Stark & Jill Merriam94

See full results and matchpoint awards.

2018 Really Easy Teams winners

Really Easy Teams Winners: Nicki Green, Peter Green, Fred Mason & Martin Prince (Competition Secretary Chris Rickard centre).

2018 Club Teams winners

Club Teams-of-Four Winners: Mike Sherer, Rick Hanley, Jeff Orton & Andre Gray (Competition Secretary Chris Rickard on right).

See more photos.

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Leagues & Knock-Outs

Eastern Counties League

Forthcoming Matches

  • Sun 15-Jul-2018 2:00pm Hertfordshire – Away
  • Sun 16-Sep-2018 2:00pm Northants – Away - Stamford BC, PE9 2RN
  • Sun 16-Dec-2018 2:00pm Essex – Home - Elmswell
  • Sun 6-Jan-2019 2:00pm Cambs & Hunts – Away
  • Sun 10-Mar-2019 2:00pm Cambridge University – Away
  • Sun 24-Mar-2019 2:00pm Norfolk – Home - Elmswell

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Eastern Counties League 2017-2018
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  • Sat 23-Jun-2018 Garden Cities Final – Solihull
  • Wed 11-Jul-2018 7:00pm Seniors' Pairs – Clare
  • Sun 15-Jul-2018 2:00pm ECL: Hertfordshire – Away
  • Sat 21-Jul-2018 Essex/Herts Green Point Weekend – Wodson Park, Ware

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