Winter League 2017-2018

Updated 16-Feb-2018

Hanley A202019.58HA3 59.58
ShererH 15.2414.76H19.37A3 49.37
Edwards04.76 A17.2513.15H4 35.16
Orton05.24H HA12.333 17.57
Harpur0.42A2.75A 14.26H3 17.43
BarkerA0.636.85H5.74 H3 13.22
PriceHHA7.67AA 1 7.67
Biggs 1812H19184 161 67
Symons2 71020165 45 55
Wilson813 58205 61 54
HollingsworthA1015 6164 32 47
Allen101214 205 -34 47
Hall24040 5 -265 10
Hanson 6H15A203 82 41
Riley14 4A20H3 73 38
BreslerA16 AH202 108 36
Scott5HH A142 -4 19
KraushaarH0AH 162 -51 16
Tibbs0A064 4 -208 10


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Conduct of League

The League is subject to the General Competition Rules.

In addition to the League Rules & Guidelines.

VP Scales

The Premier Division uses the WBF continuous scale other divisions use the discrete version. Both scales (and onward links) can be found here.

North & South Divisions

The teams in each second division will play each other once between October and February. The top two teams in each qualify for the semi-finals in March with the winners of each division playing the runners up in the other. The final will take place in April. The two finalists will both be promoted to play in the Premier division in 2018/19.