The Story

Mike Chanter began writing Bridge in the Cupboard quite a while ago but they first appeared in front of a wider audience with the January 2008 edition of the Suffolk Email Newsletter.

There is no content as such in the newsletters and the articles appear with a card icon and links to the actual writing which resides only here, on the Suffolk website.

Start and Finish

If you're new, read the sequence from the bottom up – the listing of 'most recent first' is to allow people to catch up easily when they realise they've missed one.

The background to the articles is in How it all started. Then read any you've missed – latest first:

And this is the final reckoning.

Mike Chanter

This sequence of articles was written and conceived by Mike Chanter.

Mike has been a member of Suffolk for a long time despite no longer living in the county and retaining his connection by being adopted by Suffolk. He still has many friends here and returns from time to time to play in local events. He would be delighted to hear your impressions of Bridge in the Cupboard.