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Learn Bridge Locally

Richard Evans''s Stansfield group

Bridge Clubs

Many local clubs now run classes as an introduction to duplicate bridge. There were items in the monthly Suffolk Newsletters for September 2011 (main article) and October 2011 (addendum).

These are the clubs we know about, the links below will take you to the club website for further details.

Bridge Teachers

Suffolk has quite a few bridge teachers – see our teachers' page.

Read & Learn

Newspaper Columns

Unfortunately The Times has now withdrawn all Andrew Robson's articles behind the battlements of its pay-wall. Equally sadly, Zia Mahmood in The Guardian is no more but his old columns are still there, frozen in time.

Fortunately author David Bird remains both free and active; catch his daily columns in the London Evening Standard.

Susanna Gross – one of Jane Moore's England Teammates – writes a fortnightly column in the Spectator.

Locally Chris Chambers writes a weekly bridge column in the East Anglian Daily Times and publishes them online, this is the most recent article.

Instructional Writing

These articles first appeared in Table Talk:

Celia Jeal's articles for those learning the game; 'Brush up your…'

Some of the articles in the EBU magazine, English Bridge can also be read online.

Bridge Online

Bridge Club Live at www.bridgeclublive.com is an excellent online bridge club in its own right and is the most suitable site for Acol improvers. It was originally formed by amalgamating an international club with EBU Online, so it's much more Acol-friendly than other online clubs (which tend toward the international standard of 5-card majors and strong no-trump). It also runs Supervised Practice sessions for improvers.

Another very useful website for Acol improvers is www.nofearbridge.co.uk.

You can play for free, without downloading any software (but you will have to register) on Bridge Base Online (BBO). You can spectate on BBO without a login using their Vugraph facility. Many national and world events are transmitted live and you can see what is scheduled in the next few weeks. For real fans there is an archive of past events.