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Your address

The Suffolk association never passes your email address to anyone else.

Suffolk is careful to send emails singly; addresses are never exposed to other members and there is no risk of accidentally doing so. We do not hold your address on this website or any other and no-one can you send you spurious emails as a result of our knowing it.

We have your address because you told us or you told the EBU (most likely through your club). We cannot update the EBU record but, unless you arrange matches in national competitions, they make limited use of email. If you change your details via your EBU member login any alteration will propagate to us.


You can add or modify an email address on your EBU record (using the member login) and we will be informed too.

But you don't need to be an EBU member to hear about bridge in Suffolk. In fact, you don't have to be in Suffolk or even be a bridge player. If you're interested in bridge in our county, want to see how people you know are getting on or simply need to fill your inbox, we're happy to send you our mailings.

To just tell Suffolk, send an email to and we'll add you to the mailing-list.


We hope you find our mailings useful and informative but we acknowledge your right not to receive them.

You can do this by removing your email address from the EBU record (using the member login) and we will respect that.

Alternatively, to only stop communications from Suffolk, click on a link from a recent mailing.

What We Send

The association sends two sorts of regular email to members; a monthly newsletter and relatively short-notice reminders of forthcoming events. All those communications are stored in an archive for reference and in case a mail formats badly at the recipient's end.

The footer of each mail should bear your name. This is to give you confidence we know who you are (and so is not part of a random mail-shot) and also serves as an attempt to persuade automatic spam-checkers that the mail is wanted.

If you're certain you've given us your details and you're still not getting anything please check your spam-folders and spam-filters. If you still can find no record, please get in touch. Email or if you've stopped trusting that, telephone details are on the committee page.