Suffolk Championship Teams 2013

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Knock-out Stages

Four teams qualified to the knock-out stage. Newman by winning the second round had choice of opponents and higher-finishing teams held home advantage.


  • Newman (Eric Newman, Mike Sherer, Julian Lang, David Morran) beat Carey (Malcolm Carey, Barbara Carey, Phillip Edwards, Anne Edwards) by 11 IMPs
  • Hanley (Rick Hanley, Peter Sutcliffe, Debby Sutcliffe, Maria Allnutt, Peter Gemmell, Chris Chambers) beat Tattersfield (Roger Tattersfield, Jill Tattersfield, Neil Bresler, David Cooper) by 87 IMPs


By dint of the larger margin in the semi-finals, Hanley enjoyed home advantage in the final.

  • Newman beat Hanley by 34 IMPs

Held 8-December-2013