Winter League 2016-2017

Updated 17-Jul-2017

Premier DivisionHanPriSheOrtBarBreRilPl'dVPs
Hanley 2015.6919.4418.1914.0815.396102.79
Price0 16.8914.0811.9015.9712.33671.17
Sherer4.313.11 14.7616.2514.0818.38670.89
Orton0.565.925.24 12.3310.7514.26649.06
Barker1.818.103.757.67 9.7514.26645.34
Bresler5.924.035.929.2510.25 8.54643.91
Riley4.617.671.625.745.7411.46 636.84
Division 2HarEdwHolHanScoWilHavPl'dIMPsVPs
Harpur 11181012187610176
Edwards9 13171451768375
Hollingsworth27 1413181866972
Hanson1036 12171763465
Scott8678 7156-3751
Wilson2152313 136-9048
Havard-Davies1332357 6-16033


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Conduct of League

The League is subject to the General Competition Rules.

In addition to the League Rules & Guidelines.

VP Scales

The Premier Division uses the WBF continuous scale other divisions use the discrete version. Both scales (and onward links) can be found here.