Suffolk Pivot Teams-of-Four

Conduct of Pivot Teams
  1. The Pivot Teams is a teams-of-four knockout competition run by the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association (SCBA).
  2. Play is subject to the SCBA General Competition Rules.
  3. The Pivot Teams is the responsibility of the SCBA Competitions Secretary.
  4. The winners of the final will hold the Ida Frost Bowl for one year and be granted free entry to the competition the following year.


The General Competition Rules are on the Suffolk website. Those rules require observance of the Laws of Bridge and the current EBU Regulations (on systems, alerting etc.). They also describe how to obtain a ruling in the first instance and how to appeal such a ruling.

Systems up to Level 4 are permitted and partnerships are required to provide their opponents with completed system cards.

Masterpoints are awarded to all players winning matches. Captains are responsible for submitting line-ups and results to the Competitions Secretary.

Makeup of Teams
  1. Teams may have up to six members but only four may play in any single match.
  2. Players may represent only one team.


The Pivot Teams is principally for 4-player teams where the complete rotation of partners is possible over relatively short matches. However it is recognised that to alleviate fixture problems teams may add up to two more members.

An entry fee is payable to SCBA; currently (2015) it is £5 per team.

Format of Matches
  1. Except for the Final, matches are of 24 boards played in three 8-board stanzas with a mandatory exchange of partners and opponents.
  2. The Final will be similar but of 30 boards played in three 10-board stanzas.
  3. Each member of a team must play one stanza in partnership with each other member of the team. Captains remain stationary at the same table – Home-Captain North and Away-Captain East.
  4. Captains shall toss a coin to determine seating rights. The winner of the toss may opt for seating rights in stanzas 1 & 3 or stanza 2.
  5. Each match is scored by IMPs.
  6. It is suggested that refreshments be kept to a reasonable minimum; there is no obligation to provide more than tea/coffee/soft drinks and biscuits.


Seating rights entail the right to position your players after the opponents have positioned theirs. Naturally players may only be seated in accordance with the overriding conditions of the competition.

For stanza 3 the exact composition at the Captains' table has already been determined, as have the four players and their directions in the other room (but not their location as East/West or North/South).

  1. The Pivot Teams is played between September and April, the timing of each round will be dependent on the number of entries.
  2. At the beginning of the season the Competitions Secretary issues the first round draw, detailing the order of play and which teams are at home.
  3. The away captain should offer, before the month in which the match is scheduled, at least three weekday alternatives, not all in the same week or on the same day of the week. The onus is on the home captain to accept one of the dates.
  4. In the event of no agreement before the end of the designated month, the Competitions Secretary should be informed.
  5. In subsequent rounds, the team with the higher prior-round IMP margin will be the home team.
    1. Where a team that won its previous match meets a team that enjoyed a bye or walkover in the earlier round, the fixture shall be played to alternate home/away for the team that played the prior round.
    2. In the event of equal margins or both teams progressing via unplayed matches, the home team is allocated randomly (e.g. coin toss) or by agreement between team captains.

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