Suffolk Winter League for Teams-of-Four

Conduct of League
  1. The Winter League ('The League') is a teams-of-four competition run by the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association (SCBA).
  2. Play is subject to the SCBA General Competition Rules.
  3. The League is the responsibility of an SCBA appointed League Secretary.
  4. Divisions of the League are comprised of at most eight teams.
  5. The League has a Premier Division covering the whole geographical area of Suffolk.
  6. If numbers suffice there will be a county-wide Second Division. In this case, subsequent divisions will be regional to minimise travelling.
  7. A regional split may be accorded to the Second Division if lower divisions would be under-populated.


The General Competition Rules are on the Suffolk website. Those rules require observance of the Laws of Bridge and the current EBU Regulations (on systems, alerting etc.). They also describe how to obtain a ruling in the first instance and how to appeal such a ruling.

To be explicit, systems up to Level 4 are permitted and partnerships are required to provide their opponents with completed system cards.

Masterpoints are awarded to all players winning or drawing matches. Ranking awards are made to teams in the top quarter of each division. To so qualify, players must have competed in at least a third of their team's matches. Captains are responsible for submitting line-ups for proper allocation.

Makeup of Teams
  1. Teams may have up to six members.
  2. A team is allowed up to two substitutes per match. Such players may not be members of a team in the same or a higher division. A player included as a substitute in more than one match becomes a full member of that team.


A team may not have more than six full members; that is if six players have already played two or more matches for the team in question, any additional substitute must be a first-time player.

An entry fee is payable to SCBA; currently (2015) it is £14 per team.

Format of Matches
  1. Matches are of 24 boards played in two 12-board sessions with a mandatory exchange of opponents.
  2. Home players retain the same seats throughout. The away team may choose their first-half opponents.
  3. Each match is scored by IMPs, converted into Victory Points (VPs) using an EBU approved scale for 24-board matches. The Premier uses the WBF Continuous Scale and other divisions use the Discrete Scale.
  4. It is suggested that refreshments be kept to a reasonable minimum; there is no obligation to provide more than tea/coffee/soft drinks and biscuits.


The continuous scale can be found at

The Discrete VP scale is shown right:

  1. The League is played between October and April, with one match each month.
  2. At the beginning of the season the League Secretary issues a schedule, detailing the order of play and which team is at home. Matches may be arranged earlier if agreed by both captains.
  3. The away captain should offer, before the month in which the match is scheduled, at least three weekday alternatives, not all in the same week or on the same day of the week The onus is on the home captain to accept one of the dates.
  4. In the event of no agreement before the end of the designated month, the League Secretary should be informed.
End of Season
  1. The winner and runner-up in a county-wide Second Division will be promoted to the Premier, and the two lowest teams in the Premier will be relegated to the Second Division.
  2. If the Second Division is split into regions, play-offs will be arranged, each a division-winner against the alternate division's runner-up. Both winners of those matches will be promoted but a further match between them will be for the title of 'Second Division Champions'.
  3. The winners of the Regional Divisions below a Second Division will be promoted to the Second Division. and an equal number of the lowest teams in the Second Division will be relegated
  4. If a Regional Division winner does not wish to be promoted, their place will be offered to the second team.
  5. In the event of two or more teams tying for promotion or relegation, their positions will be decided by total IMP scores. If still equal, the VP scores between the teams concerned will decide the positions, that being equal, the IMP scores.
  6. If a match is outstanding at the end of April, an assigned score may be imposed by the League Secretary.
  7. In addition to these procedures, the League Secretary may promote other teams or enter newly-formed teams directly into any division in order to maintain a balanced complement of teams.


Assigned Scores. If a match cannot be played and the League Secretary considers that a team is not at fault, its score will be assigned as the highest of these options:

The average of all their other matches played (rounded down – i.e. 13.8 gives 13).

20 minus the average of their opponent's score in all the opponent's other matches played

12 VPs.

League tables are published on the Suffolk website

Update History

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Discrete VP Scale

0-110 – 10
2-511 – 9
6-1012 – 8
11-1513 – 7
16-2114 – 6
22-2715 – 5
28-3416 – 4
35-4317 – 3
44-5318 – 2
54-6519 – 1
66+20 – 0

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